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P2RD Division

In June 2000, C.A.Technology, Inc. became involved in the "New Optacon" Project, as a Consultant to Blazie Engineering. The Project was supported by the National Science Foundation under the Grant DMI-9801554 entitled "New and Improved Print Reading Machine for the Blind".

In March 2001, all rights to the "New Optacon" and to the Project were transferred to C.A.Technology, Inc. by Freedom Scientific - who had previously acquired Blazie Engineering - with the approval of the National Science Foundation.
NSF support for the continuation of the Project was later transferred to C.A.Technology, Inc. under Grant DMI-0296066.

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Several pending Patents are protecting the "New Optacon" - renamed P2RD - and its newly developped accessories.

The Portable Print Reading Device, "P2RD", is now available.


This page contains answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions about the P2RD. The page will be updated regularly when new general interest questions are received in the P2RD mail box.

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Publishing Division

Children's books for entertainment and education in two languages each, to choose from English, Spanish and French, available for delivery in Art quality print, with Ring Binding for easy reading by small children.

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